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Since the beginning of time, fashion has been on the shoulders of men. When Queen Mary was being fitted for her couture gowns, she was being measured by a man. Male’s have dominated the industry due to their state of mind,  men understand what a woman needs to wear, what looks appealing on a woman’s body. Dior flipped the industry with his New Look, critics thought fashion was dead in London until Christian Dior showed his collection. Ossie Clark and Celia Birtwell facinated the industry with their flowing silhouettes and unique patterns. Being in the industry for some years now I believe people don’t understand women’s fashion is inspired by men’s fashion. When designers show their collections at fashion week menswear is before womenswear. Although it seems as if mens fashion isn’t a forefront, truthfully it isn’t, but the fashion industry depends on the history of menswear to design their women’s collection.

Just a little history and insight I wanted to share.

I inserted my favorite inspiration from Fashion Week. For some reason I love this look!

Peace, Love, and Regimes !

P.S. Marsala is the 2015 Pantone Color of the Year. . . . . if you didn’t know.fd