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New Fashion or Old Designs

Adorning her body’s curves as if it was made by God just for her, Rihanna graced the outside of the White House in a Stella Jean original. Bringing attention to this designer we had never known, she began to catch the attention of fashion lovers everywhere. Making statements with her bold prints and aged silhouettes Miss Jean understands how to create something new. Although there are plenty of designers who recreate previous silhouettes and paste bold prints into their designs but Stella Jean’s work is her history, an extension of herself which creates so much life in her collections. Pushing together two prints that us fashion commoners wouldn’t dare do, celebrities wear her designs straight from the runway. I have only love and admiration for the designer.

Catwalk-Stella-Jean-Collection-Fashion-Show-Winter-2015 Winter-2015-Fashion-Show-Stella-Jean-Collection stellajean4-930x1394

A model walks the runway during the Stella Jean fashion show as part of Milan Men's Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2016 on June 23, 2015 in Milan, Italy.

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Since the beginning of time, fashion has been on the shoulders of men. When Queen Mary was being fitted for her couture gowns, she was being measured by a man. Male’s have dominated the industry due to their state of mind,  men understand what a woman needs to wear, what looks appealing on a woman’s body. Dior flipped the industry with his New Look, critics thought fashion was dead in London until Christian Dior showed his collection. Ossie Clark and Celia Birtwell facinated the industry with their flowing silhouettes and unique patterns. Being in the industry for some years now I believe people don’t understand women’s fashion is inspired by men’s fashion. When designers show their collections at fashion week menswear is before womenswear. Although it seems as if mens fashion isn’t a forefront, truthfully it isn’t, but the fashion industry depends on the history of menswear to design their women’s collection.

Just a little history and insight I wanted to share.

I inserted my favorite inspiration from Fashion Week. For some reason I love this look!

Peace, Love, and Regimes !

P.S. Marsala is the 2015 Pantone Color of the Year. . . . . if you didn’t know.fd

All Girls Love Beyonce!!

As we all have read, I am a die hard Beyonce stan. We don’t fcuk with the King. So she has recently released a new video that is (pound sign) #breakingtheinternet. She’s just amazing.. .. . . .I hope you guys enjoy this video as much as I have the last 27 times.

Pretzels &Nutella!!

Side Note: Pray as if it’s up to God. Work as if it’s up to you.

You can always pray and ask God to do everything for you but you in return also have to put in work. You need to ready your land for the prosperous harvest that is bound to grow as long as you nurture it.

Fall Obsession

charlie photo shoot

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I am obsessed with this man. He is gorgeous in every form of the word. I love him unconditionally (even in his awkward moments in SOA) *sigh*

Just some Monday inspiration for ya’ll!! Fall is soon coming and this picture screams sexy fall!

Happy Lugging!!

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The Law of Fuck Yes or No


I recently came across an article, The Law of Fuck Yes or No. Very interesting title and me being the free spirit that I am I had to read( more like browse through) it. If you are stringing a guy/ girl along, don’t know what you want, or think something is just dang wrong with you. This is the article to read. Really its for everyone to read!!! Foe me personally it opened my mind to questions and what if’s, cause I’m sure as hell doing something wrong. To summarize, if you wouldn’t say “fuck yes” to a person then you don’t need to be with them. Would you say “fuck yes” to Charlie??!! I know I would!
Have a productive night ; )
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2nd Look into FALL!

Fall is literally right around the corner. Although, it’s still hot, I can feel the changing of the leaves, the nipped air, and yadda yadda yadda. These are just some inspirations pictures I wanted to share. Another fav of mine is dresses and boots. I wear this Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter. The seasons that I love the most is Fall and Winter. These seasons are for different motifs and rich colors. Can’t go wrong with either. Hope you enjoy!!

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British GQ

So as a woman who loves a man with style Pharrell would have to be number 2, number 1 will be coming soon. So a few days ago, we all see he is graced on the cover of British GQ face painted as a Native (I hope he doesn’t apologize this time too). I felt like sharing this man that never ages.
P.S. I hope I look this good at his age. = )

british gq

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So as I am surfing the web haha I come across this niffty little video on YouTube. At first I was like this is just another documentary about black face and how wrong it is but watching the trailer its something DIFFERENT. I think we need something different. So I will def be the first in line for this. I hope you guys will too. HAPPY TUESDAY!!

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Street Wear: Harem Pants

streetHarem Pants- the fashion statement that you can be Oh So comfy in. They can be worn so many different ways; day to night, sneakers, heels, or flats. They are just amazing and I though I should share some street wear that caught my inner fashionista.

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New Motto: I Grind but More Importantly I Pray

Tonight I was asked “is it worth it?” I didn’t have the answer to the question. I was upset, not angry, but upset because I should. I realized that I was going to make it worth it, which led me to thinking.
God never gives you more than you can handle. Somedays it feels as if the world is crashing down on you but when that day happens, know God is right next to you helping you carry that burden. “When life gets too hard to stand…kneel”. God will hear you, he will answer when the time is right. One thing that I have to learn is patience, He will handle it when He says its time. Everyone gets to that breaking point in every bad situation they go through and everyone gets past that breaking point. On a day like today as I’m praying, God takes away those feelings of despair the words of “I can’t”. So remember throught those dark times, light will always come.