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6′ platforms

Walking,  thinking aimlessly
I look up to see you
Standing, talking. . . .  I remembered your smile
As someone else gets my attention
I grab yours
A moment of sight
I reminisced about it all.
Your eyes told it to me a million times over
I gave my attention elsewhere
. . . . . Before we went past a moment

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Moves of Deceit

I thought it was over

We danced night after night

and when it all stopped

I think my heart did too, I lost myself

I was swallowed in the abyss’ we overlooked

Floating in hot tears, the river soothed my soul,


We danced because you needed me

but I didn’t need you

so I gave my all with no conditions

Your need for me became my need

Your heartbeat was my rhythm

I swayed effortlessly until my step was broke

You no longer needed me but I craved you

I was no longer safe

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