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The Real(ness)


So as I am sitting, anxiously, trying to finish my 600 word essay ( I know- not that difficult). I began to side track, answering text messages, checking Instagram. . . when I’m scrolling through my group message (with my 3 besties-yes I still use that word) and I see something about Chris Brown + The Real. Now I love The Real and think it’s a good show, despite it’s sometimes bland moments. And I support Chris Brown as an artist, he is very talented. So, I go to Google !! (don’t we all) and I see multiple post about this and decided to read them all. Hello, Procrastinator! Tamar, Adrienne, and Mai had a lot of words to say about Chris Brown and Kaurreche’s relationship. The topic that they were on, Chris’ relationship fit the details. Playing DEVILS ADVOCATE: With that being said I don’t believe it was respectful for them to do that. They are celebrities and celebrities will always get bashed but if KeKe Palmer had a “Gold Diggers” segment on her show and mentioned Vince and Tamars relationship she would throw a lot of shade because she would be offended. Eventhough Tamar would try to shrug it off in her Nice/Nasty way, she would be offended. Saying that, I understand where Chris Brown is coming from and he felt the need to say something back. The way he said it was just a disrespectful as what they said but that is his opinion, his instagram, his career. One thing that I have learned is that publicity is good, good or bad and honestly The Real is a good show but is it really getting as high ratings as expected? Prob not!! So to bash Chris Brown gives them that, it goes with their show and for Chris Brown to lash out about it shows how “bad of a person” he is. So either way The Real wins. On the topic overall, I don’t think Brown is bad for Kaurreche, he has his moments and he did leave her once for Rihanna but I believe overall they are good for each other. He seems happy with her and she seems happy with him, no extraness included. “What would Beyonce do?” No comment!!

Peace, LOVE, and Chicken Grease

Make sure nobody pays back wrong for wrong, but always strive to do what’s good for each other and for everyone else

– I Thessalonians 5:15

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What Comes on Tonight?


When the show first aired my sister had me and my mom glued to the TV when this show was on. I love the characters and the twist(although some are predictable) but when we found out the sin eater was Ichabod’s kid, I was like “oooohhhh, he wasn’t ready”!!! *mind blown*. I was really hoping for some “we more than friends” between the two mains but then I realized that would def take away from the show. I think they should stay as is, if they did hook up it would so ruin the show, but I def need to see Abbie get some type of loving cause Regina and Ichabod getting too much right now hahaha. One dislike though, can somebody please give homegirl a better wig. Like I know its a wig. Somebody call Beyonce stylist and get her a lace front or something, a sew in at least, I know her hair natural but get her a silk press. Just do something to her head cause I can’t take it no more. A good black main character since Olivia Pope(love that women and her weave be on point, except when Fitz mess it up) and her hair looking like that. UNACCEPTABLE boo boo! Fix it Jesus.  So tonight as the sun goes down, the temperature gets colder, and the moon glows bright we will meet the town of Sleepy Hollow again.

Ya’ll better be watching!!

Happy Monday peeps

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I have been in love with the face of Luke Evans since Clash of the Titans and every movie he has played in after that. For the most part is a good actor but when you can become that part and take that character to anew heights, you become a great actor.  He is just gorgeous when he is authoritative!! Moving on. . .. . . . I have seen the 1992 Dracula and Gary Oldman played that part, very debonair. So I’m excited to see what Evans can do, if he is going to become the character, if not, I might lose the love for his face. But we shall see October 10th, I think. Haha

Dracula cute

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men's fashion

Good (almost) Afternoon to all. As I was scrolling through Instagram like it’s the daily newspaper, I came across this handsome fella and though I should share him with the world.

THOUGHTS: Would you date a guy who doesn’t have style? Meaning he doesn’t take attention to his looks. To me that is a relationship breaker, in a sense. When I look good I feel good and I’m not going anywhere with someone who doesn’t equal my appearance. Don’t get me wrong, I have my sweat pants, hair tied days but I still look good (ratchet voice) haha. I just appreciate a guy who has style, it’s basically the first thing I look at. Care to share your thoughts on Guys+Relationships+Style??

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Fall Obsession

charlie photo shoot

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I am obsessed with this man. He is gorgeous in every form of the word. I love him unconditionally (even in his awkward moments in SOA) *sigh*

Just some Monday inspiration for ya’ll!! Fall is soon coming and this picture screams sexy fall!

Happy Lugging!!

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The Law of Fuck Yes or No


I recently came across an article, The Law of Fuck Yes or No. Very interesting title and me being the free spirit that I am I had to read( more like browse through) it. If you are stringing a guy/ girl along, don’t know what you want, or think something is just dang wrong with you. This is the article to read. Really its for everyone to read!!! Foe me personally it opened my mind to questions and what if’s, cause I’m sure as hell doing something wrong. To summarize, if you wouldn’t say “fuck yes” to a person then you don’t need to be with them. Would you say “fuck yes” to Charlie??!! I know I would!
Have a productive night ; )
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British GQ

So as a woman who loves a man with style Pharrell would have to be number 2, number 1 will be coming soon. So a few days ago, we all see he is graced on the cover of British GQ face painted as a Native (I hope he doesn’t apologize this time too). I felt like sharing this man that never ages.
P.S. I hope I look this good at his age. = )

british gq

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