I Found My Life!!

I was having a boring OFF day, yup thats right- no work, done with classes for the quarter ( I passed them all, whoop whoop!!). So I decided to do my hair, clean, my roommate made chicken ( Thank God for culinary majors), and a few peeps dropped by. So we eatin, chillin watching Sex and the City (mind you it’s two guys and my roommate- awks much, but I didn’t care. You can’t turn down SJP!) I’m in my feelings (hence the post above) and I decided to hop on and see what the other half of the world is talking about. Now as I was scrolling through my feed, I saw this amazing runway look and thought “that is so me!” haha. I found my life and got out my feelings hunny (Tamar voice) The pixel print, something we will see a lot soon. I believe the skirt is what caught my eye the most. I love the crochet look and the flow is a plus. I think I’m gonna have to make a duplicate (*cue evil laugh). And as we all know I love a dramatic hat. This look is a must have for fall, especially for me. They did an amazing job with this look; the entire collection.

Happy Thursday flower children!

Sister by Sibling, Fall Winter, 2014, London, Ready To Wear, 2014

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